Spidertech Powerwatts Toronto Open House

The good folks at Powerwatts in Montreal decided to bring their Canadian designed and manufactured stationary bikes to Toronto and open a new cycling studio in Scarborough.

On November 26th 2011, Team Spidertech powered by C10 arrived for their first team event of the 2012 season during a public open house.
Team Spidertech at Powerwatts Toronto
Augy, manager of the Toronto studio discussed the design and operation of the indoor cycling system, while Spidertech riders David Boily, Guillaume Boivin, François Parisien, and Simon Lambert-Lemay hopped on the bikes to demonstrate.

Steve Bauer, team directeur sportif, then introduced everyone to the riders for 2012 season.

His team has official secured Steve Bauer introduces his Team Spidertech powered by C10 ridersanother year of Professional Continental racing licence from the UCI, and it will represent Canada at races throughout Europe and North America. It won’t be long before it appears at a World Tour event!

The team will use this facility for fitness testing prior to the start of the season next February.

The stationary bicycles here were designed to mimic outdoor road riding as closely as possible. It uses actual road dropbars, shifters, and derailleur systems.

The individual bikes sit on a suspended platform that can rock on all directions.

All rider statistics are sent to a central computer and displayed in front of each rider.

The most unique feature is David Boily, Guillaume Boivin, François Parisien, and Simon Lambert-Lemay running through a sessionindividual power analysis for the left and right side: riders can see a real time chart showing Watt value, relative percentage balance between left and right legs, and on which part of the stroke is the power applied.

I haven’t fully understood the analysis of the latter, but the idea is to be able to visualize, and thus train on applying power at the right place to maximize efficiency (eg: pushing after starting the downstroke instead of the 12 o’clock position).

I’m hoping to get a chance to try it out myself some time. The centre apparently has programs for the average Joe too!

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