PC Superdogs

The Superdogs decided to come to Celebration Square for a free show on a weekday evening in July.
The crowd was allowed to sit right up against the show area, so I decided to try some panning with the wide angle lens.

It was difficult getting good shots by just trying to move with the action, without actually looking through the viewfinder. I guess live-view on the LCD screen would come in handy this time!

There was a high jumping contest first, then the frisbee catching show:

Big Al with frisbee
Case and Dennis Alexander

Then the dogs race against each other, and then raced human kids in the finale. The kids were destroyed. They never stood a chance from the beginning!

PC Superdogs
Mosaic working the hurdles
Big Al on the course
Last dog on the relay

2 thoughts on “PC Superdogs

  1. Hang on, the owner was holding onto the dog for the frisbee catch?! He didn’t plan on throwing the dog in the air to catch the frisbee, right?

  2. The dog (Case) jumped into the arms of Dennis. He caught the dog while the dog caught the frisbee!

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