About This Site


Hi, welcome to my photo and travel journal!
This is the place where I keep a semi-updated blog and photos of my journeys. As much as I enjoy showing some of my best work, this is also for my own benefit, to keep a record of the context in which the photos were taken, for future reference.

My other blog, The Race Diary, is a record of my races and training. Check it out!


About Me


I am currently a consultant for Visual Thinking International, a company that specializes in business and industrial process design, planning, scheduling.

I graduated from the University of Toronto’s Engineering Science program, earning the Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering degree.  My field of study includes:

– Decision support
– Risk analysis
– Quality control
– Manufacturing systems

When I do get free time, I enjoy outdoor activities including bicycling and running. My short aspiring careers as a racing road cyclist, running, or triathlete never panned out, but I keep at it to keep me honest and keep me sane.

I enjoy architecture and landscape when I am travelling. My travels fall into two categories: history and cultural discoveries, and natural adventures and encounters. My primary interest is and has always been aircraft action photography. It never gets old, because every shot is a new challenge.