Tipping the iceberg

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What is this all about?


Hi, welcome to my photo and travel journal,   sharing insights along the way as I float around the world.      


I graduated from the University of Toronto’s Engineering Science program with a Bachelor of Applied Science and Engineering degree, and then had a stable job for many years, but I have always wanted something more.

There is never a good time to move away from a stable environment, but finally in 2019, I quit the job and began an extended journey outside of Canada, doing the “slow travel” I have always wanted.


My first overseas trip was when I was 7. I still have vivid memories of that first holiday, including the airline and the type of aircraft.  (Back then, we had access to the cockpit in-flight and often get upgraded to business class since flights were never full.) 

Since then, I was forever hooked on flying and travelling.

My travels are not about bucket list destinations or how many countries to check off. I learn the story of my destinations, at least try to learn the language, and “blend in” with the locals. 

The places that leave the greatest impression always seem to be places with little information available – Kosovo with its ridiculously friendly people; Faroe Islands with its unreal natural beauty.